Community Spotlight: Rosalia

To non- locals, Rosalia is a town you can't even see from the highway. Oftentimes, people will see the sign and just keep on going; there are a bunch of small towns to skip right? While it may be small, Rosalia is chock- full of passionate people who Community Spotlight!love to live there. And person for person, they have more events each year than most of our other small towns combined. Let’s just take a brief stop in to see what they’re about.

Rosalia's first stop in history was actually a battle! It was the center of conflict between Colonel Steptoe, and The Coeur d'Alene tribe in 1858. 20 Years later as settlers began to move in, one especially entrepreneurial one named T.J. Favorite founded the town and named it after his wife Rosalia.

Today, Rosalia is home to roughly 500 faithful townspeople, who keep up with their history and fun. Each year there are Community Spotlightseveral events that are worth a look in Rosalia. One of the local’s favorites is Battle Days. Each year, there are several events (including a parade with floats from the schools) that memorialize the battle that took place 150 years ago. While there for the parade, you have to make sure to check out the Battlefield. It really brings history to life to see where thesethings actually took place! Each year, they also have the Rosalia rodeo. It’s the town’s chance to really have the residents come out and strut their stuff. They have the typical 4H events, as well as local competitions for prizes and fame (at least on a small scale)! If you’re out here a bit closer to Autumn, stop in for the Fall Festival.  Kind of like the Palouse Empire but on a more intimate scale, the festival is a great way to connect with people for some great food and conversation. If you have kids, they also host a yearly Easter egg hunt in town that your kids would be happily welcomed to attend!

While my knowledge only goes so far, Rosalia keeps their visitor center well-stocked with helpful information about the town and events, so feel free to stop in for more info. The volunteers would love to see you!

Quite a lot of personality for a "bump" in the road. Make sure and give Rosalia a visit. They will love to see you.

Posted on February 23, 2016 at 10:48 pm
Chris Clark | Category: Community Spotlight, Life on the Palouse, Rosalia

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