Secrets to selling your home!

I work with a lot of different people and often get asked if I know any secrets to selling your home. While PRICING is the

Secrets to selling your home!

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

most important part of selling your home, there are also several other secrets that will help sell your home!

1. Clean out your closets! I can promise you buyers looking at your home will be snoopy! Don't use your closets to hide all of your junk! Buyers have junk too, and will be checking your closets out to see where they will store their junk when they move in! Before selling, clean out the closets and spray them down with Febreeze. It will help their snooping be more pleasant!

2. When you have buyers coming to your home, make sure and turn on all the lights and open the window shades. Everyone loves a fresh smelling home and your buyers aren't different! Creating an open feel in your home will go a long way in motivating potential buyers.

3. Make sure that all your light bulbs work! We all tend to let lights burn out and it negatively impacts your potential buyers. Don't be lazy: replace those lights!

4. Hide your pets. Most people love/like/adore animals. We don't spend 8 billion dollars a year on their care because we hate them! But remember, not EVERYONE loves pets. Your buyers might be turned off when your dog runs up and slobbers on them! Be on the safe side and stash your animals outside. It will increase your chances of selling to non animal lovers.

5. Quick Repairs win the race. You need to make sure all your fixtures work. This doesn't mean spending thousands buying RE_Dos_Realtor_hor.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960new upgraded fixtures! Just ensure that all your faucets and drains work, fill in any major drywall chips, etc. It will help provide your buyers with more value and it  doesn't cost a lot!

6. Make YOUR house THIER House. The less personalized your home is the better. Your buyers really don't care about your amazing moose mount, or those paintings your kids drew for you! They want to look at your house and imagine THEIR kids paintings! The more things you can remove from your house that define it as yours the better.

Following these simple steps will help set your house up for sale to buyers and will help you get more money. Next week I will follow up with several more tips that should be done by your Realtor! Just remember the original feeling of excitement you have when you moved into your new home and try and recreate that feeling for potential buyers!

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Choosing a Great Listing Agent

There are lots of people who "sell" real estate for a living. Being a Realtor is a very rewarding career. The availability of Choosing the right Listing AgentRealtors allows you to choose someone who you connect with and trust very easily. Connecting with your Realtor is a very important step towards selling a buying a home, and having someone you trust makes that decision much easier. There is a very fine line between a Realtor who "sells" a home, and a Listing Agent. You can't focus on both fields as a Realtor. Once you become a "Seller's Agent" (the industry term for someone who focuses on listing homes for sale) it directly changes your focal points. I personally do work with buyers as well, but my marketing and years of experience lend themselves to the nuances of being a Listing Agent. In this article, I wanted to give you a few questions that help differentiate buyer agents and seller agents, and hopefully it will help you make the best choice when finding the Realtor to sell your home! Following are some of the questions you should ask the agent your interviewing to sell your home (some of my inspiration for this article came from

1. How much? The BIG one. Oftentimes, the highest price isn't always the right price! After the agent gives you Choosing the best listing agenttheir CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) have them explain why they priced your house accordingly. If you were to ask 3 agents for pricing on your house, and 2 agents price your home at 250k and the other agent's price is 350k, you need to know why they priced your house so high. Your not in a competition to charge the most for your home, you trying to SELL your home and pricing too high in the market is a sure way to not selling.

2. How has the business changed in the last five years? This question will help you identify the listing agents marketing strategy. Our market in Pullman is very relational. People often do business with each other based solely on referrals. It is how we do things out here and trust is typically a non-issue. How we each use marketing is the differentiator. At Windermere, we have started several advice columns (like this one) and are working with our sellers to build individual websites for all our listings, while also working on our social media presence to reach more buyers. Steps like the above and asking about market changes will help you find the Realtor that identifies with your "kind of buyer."

3. What about your last deal surprised you? An easy way to find out about your Realtors personality. You want to make sure you get along and like how they answer this question!

4. May we contact your previous clients. Everybody knows at least a Realtor or two, but not everyone will recommendchoosing the best selling agent a Realtor! Transparency is the name of the game, and in a small town like Pullman it is easy to check references about a specific Realtor. Do your homework! You won't make many decisions that are more important then buying or sellingyour home.

The above tips should help you develop a closer relationship with the Realtors your interviewing, helping you be more sure of your decision. If you have any questions about real estate and our market, please feel free to contact my office. Everyone knows that Chris Clark has one focus: Helping you List it, Sell it, and get on with your life.

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Listing your Pullman Home

So, you’re thinking of listing your Pullman home. Where do you start? Navigating the market by yourself is almost a crazy

Listing or selling your home

Need help? Follow these simple steps!

thought, but how can you know who to trust? Everyone knows at least one Realtor, (often your mom's cousin or someone’s best friend) and believe me there are a bunch to choose from, but how do you know that you picked the best Realtor for the job? While this is my website, and I could make it a Chris Clark ad, I wanted to address some of the concerns I hear from people looking for their potential listing agent. Here are some practical things to look for when choosing a Realtor to sell your home.

1. Find out what they DO for you! You know what you’re doing for your Realtor, but what do they do for you? What is their marketing strategy for selling your home? How do they advertise your home to stand out from the pack? What is their average on- market sales time? These are some great questions to ask potential suitors. The Realtor you choose should not only have a list of the things they will do, but also will have a plan for INFORMING you as the sale progresses. Transparency is almost "the name of the game" and the Realtor you choose should be honest, transparent, and have a plan for selling your home.

2. Don't be scared to ask around. Word travels fast in towns like Pullman; the top Realtors are not a mystery to anyone. My colleagues and I all have specific market segments we specialize in just like any other industry. Don't be afraid to ask your friends or family what they have heard about the local Realtors! It will likely sway your decision about who to list your home with.

3. GET A CMA. My office will happily generate you a Comparative Market Analysis form, and I'm sure others will do the same. It’s not a guaranteed "price check" (your home is unique and needs to be priced as such) but it gives you a really good starting point for listing your home. And it’s free! Everyone likes something that is free!  When you start looking at listing your Pullman home, knowing the average value will put you on the right track for finding your Realtor.

4. Don't rush! Who sells and lists your home is one of the most important aspects to selling! Don't rush your decision! Gather

listing your Pullman Home

the facts, and once you have made your decision, trust your Realtor's timing. They know how the market moves and how your house will sell. Picking the right person should be a smart decision, not a hasty one!

These are just a few great tips for selling your Pullman home, but they can help you avoid any bad situations that could arise. If you are looking to work with the top listing agent in Pullman, come see me. I would love to show you what I do differently than everyone else. I really do believe in my motto "List it. Sell it. Get on with your life." Isn't it at least time to consider moving on?

One man's opinion.

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A lot of people ask me…

A lot of people ask me about real estate. Go figure. It might be because I have opinions on the matter. Of its my job. Either way, I have some opinions. Most real estate advertising tends to do the whole "Location! Location! Location!" in flashing lights, and to some degree it really is true.College Hill Neighborhood When you don't hire a realtor and do all of your shopping online, you can't know which side of College Hill to live on, and which to avoid! There is an answer to that one, call me if your wondering. Its the same in all of our small towns. You need someone with experience to tell you what houses are desirable, and which ones are on the market for cheap because the foundation doesn't have rebar. The internet has completely changed the business. In the past everything was completely relational. Hiring a Realtor was the same as hiring a friend to go with you to find your new home. These days, too many people think that using Zillow makes you an instant real estate expert, even though pricing and often availability are both wrong.The University of Non Realtors Like a lot of industries, the internet has bred an entire host of internexperts: people who do online research and then think they know the market. Being a Realtor is not just about being able to find you the latest house price or MLS sold data. Its more then that. Being a Realtor is about finding your new HOME. Thats the part of the equation the internet can't really provide for you. No matter how accurate Zillow makes their information, they will never know how to find your new home.

The same applies introspectively to sellers. Not many people WANT to trust a computer. How often does that end well?  When you call and ask a Realtor how much to list your house for, the answer your getting is based on experience and knowledge of the region. There is no way to price your gorgeous home in Rosalia without having been there to see it! Ultimately you want to know the person you have asked for advice is trustworthy, and has your best interests at heart. I think that is what fundamentally makes hiring a Realtor worth it: we are a trustworthy group you can come and see for advice in person.How business should be

When I get asked by people how I see real estate in 10 years my answer sometimes surprises them: No matter what happens with the internet, I will still be shaking clients hands for years to come. Thats how business should be.

One man's opinion.

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